Saturday, May 19, 2012

World of words

There are colors in my eyes,
and as I blink
I try to contain the dreams that those colors bring.

I have smiled a lot,
looking over my shoulder
basking in the sun
with pearls of sunshine on my lashes bright.

I have never seen a care
that wrinkled my forehead
or bore a sigh...
just colors in my eyes,
and as I blink,
my dreams smile.

There is sadness,
 like any other weather;
when I collapse in the arms of the heavenly sky
I nestle there for a while.
As I lay in dark silences
there are days and night passing me by;
I return to the spring of the earth
only to find,
that there are colors in my eyes
and as I blink
dreams chase away my sighs.

I have lived in the world of words
of musical rhymes
of surreal story lines,
on sleepy afternoons
on dreamy nights
I have spun a story of mine,
I live, protected in my punctuations
I live as I write,
with emotions
 with pride.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Liebster Blog

 I am thrilled after receiving the honor of the Liebster Blog Award. I was glad enough receiving a comment on one of my poems and my joy was doubled when I read what it was. I am so thankful for this graciousness. The award came from annaaa in a fairytaleee. and her blog opened a whole different world of creativity in front of my eyes. All I can say is Yay!

1.  Rees26 : Blogger since 2005 she is has magical mind. Her writings are both inspiring and fun. I have read her quirky blogs on and off and I must say I have enjoyed having spent my time thus.

2. The smell of sun: She is just amazing. Her ideas are different, so is her style but one thing that touches your heart everytime you will visit her blog is the power of observation and how beautifully it has been spun in her love for art. She is truly deserving of your time and this award.

3. elephantzine: What an amazing piece of writing. Its quirky, its intelligent and its brave. Well done.

4.Shortcuts Never Work unless they are keyboard shortcuts, those are awesome: Oh my god she is so insightful, creative and amazing. Reading her blogs is like reading mini books.. full of fun and wisdom.

5. Alida in Wonderland: This is an awesome travel blog. Her writings make it easier for you to imagine in your head, sitting at home a place that is on the other side of the world. Very proud of you and all your travels Alida.

Winners, here are the rules to participate:
  1. Thank the person which nominated you in a blog post.
  2. Nominate up to five other blogs.
  3. Let them know via comment on their blog.
  4. Post the award on your blog.

I cry

It is a peaceful feeling.
Strangely it is.
Looking out of a window on a cold frigid night,
With warm tears streaming down your cheeks
through trembling eyes,
focusing on one lonely light in the distance
on the palette of the sky.

It is a sense of loneliness,
with a realization that you have yourself
which is so peaceful.
Loneliness is more tragic when it comes as a shock
Or when it is a habit formed
Through which it is repeatedly born.
But once in a while
Crying through some dark times is, strangely,
Very peaceful.

I look at that one odd light
Not giving up and fighting the cold night.
There is an imagery of my childhood
that it draws in front of my eyes.
It is very personal , it is very ripe
So I pluck it and in my lap I find,
thousand sighs,
and I drop in them
one more blatant sigh!

There is no one to hear it,
Just my weary eyes.
I wipe my eyes
And the wet rubble in my lap gets wiped.

So I decide,
I cry.

Like a tear, I drop into the night.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cardboard Box

Even though the grey clouds

Bring out the peacock in my heart…

A long spell of rain,

Tends to wash down more than I can bear.

Just as the overly priced couture,

Tardily sitting in my closet,

Now gives me a worthless stare.

And suddenly the whole room around me turns into a cardboard box,

A dull sullenness fills every nook of it.

The ocular reality is now directed by my brain

To make sense of the repetitive strain

Of the life we live everyday

Somehow in that few seconds when I looked for you,


in the creases of my loveless sheets,

The emotion struck eyes could see

The whole world in some tinted shades,

And now that the hands are full once more

You will be written off

in some humdrum list

of life’s chores.

One moment,

The moment that

Steals from us,

The fragrance of a new flower

And turns it notoriously mundane.

How can I avenge a murder?

A murder of my poetic vision,

veered from its eccentricity again.

Mnemonics to remember,

Or a challenge to find your gaze

That had set it free in the first place,

Is the question at stake.

Because now,

I close them,

My eyes,

I see through my lids

The cardboard box again.