Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is now is not always...

A sudden gush of wind,
wrapped the fragrance of my 'now' around me....
How innocent was i to believe that I could wear it all day!!

A moment ago, the ground that touched my feet,
made me realize,
that it is not going to kiss my feet again.

My emotions are going to change their color,
so will my sighs,
things that sadden me now,
are not going to be my woes always...

Its a gift that, things are not permanently positioned,
or maybe a curse,
what ever comprises of my wisdom,
I hope will not stand in the way of this mysterious interplay.

Interplay of light and darkness.
Do any of those exist?
Or maybe the presence of one contains
the identity of the others' name.

What would be life if everything I know now ,
is all that there is to learn and know,
there would be nothing to learn or live for ever again...

I am ..!

I am the rain that drops on the forsaken soil,
or the smile that comes up like a rainbow after a night of turmoil...
The shades that I carry bask in light...
My soul searches a meaning in earth's every sigh..
I could say I am an enigma, but so is the universe...
I am the whole.. or the whole resides in I?

Monday, May 4, 2009

And I see it this way...

I read somewhere that to love someone.. you need to know him objectively.. !!
Never realised that this small truth can change the way I look at things. There are so many hidden meanings that words can portray. I think nothing on this world has the capacity to turn the whole direction of our thoughts, our being like words have. I am amazed that how these lines n paper can produce meaning which magically transforms lives, gives strengths, comes out as a prayer, softly from frail lips and sometimes as curses that can shake you from the very being, these words have the most versatile, dynamic personality. I sometimes wonder, if they had a life of their own! how would they be like. Would the word 'The' be mighty and arrogant and how different words would change their personality when spoken with different tones.. 
Well that is a fantasy world. But coming back to what i read.. that to love someone you need to know that person objectively. You need to have knowledge about that person as he is, as he exists not how he functions in your orbit, in your own little universe. 
I remember my father telling me while introducing the wonderful world of books to me that Love of Knowledge is the supreme love! Well, that makes more sense now. Its not only the knowledge that is worldly and found in books, its your overall relationship with the word knowledge and how you introduce the word in whatever you do.. Its like introducing that word in all spheres of your life and then deepening your knowledge about it as well.. 
Loving someone should never be your  need or requirement its what nature has conspired you to do, so enter this mysterious arena with your senses that are tuned to know and love, rather than tuning in the way you want to and wanting to see how you wanted to, that would create disturbing expectations. Remove the coloured glass and try to objectively look at the person with eyes that seek to know more, the expectation part will slowly disappear. you see, just like two people who cant stand each other.

Yayiiii I love words... And love to Love..  

Friday, January 9, 2009


I give colors their names and paint a new morning with different shades... I give music to the play of light and enchant the stars till sun follows me to the crossroads of a new day..

New Year

Its a new beginning. A new understanding. All our lives we keep loving the same thing in diffrent fonts. I believe its not the sense of wonder that we loosebut the courage to taste new!
We see so many new things in life but the courage to look at them and reframe our mindset is something really tough.
It needs prepared Mind!.. and I am preparing myself for this new look at life!!