Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is now is not always...

A sudden gush of wind,
wrapped the fragrance of my 'now' around me....
How innocent was i to believe that I could wear it all day!!

A moment ago, the ground that touched my feet,
made me realize,
that it is not going to kiss my feet again.

My emotions are going to change their color,
so will my sighs,
things that sadden me now,
are not going to be my woes always...

Its a gift that, things are not permanently positioned,
or maybe a curse,
what ever comprises of my wisdom,
I hope will not stand in the way of this mysterious interplay.

Interplay of light and darkness.
Do any of those exist?
Or maybe the presence of one contains
the identity of the others' name.

What would be life if everything I know now ,
is all that there is to learn and know,
there would be nothing to learn or live for ever again...

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