Friday, May 18, 2012

I cry

It is a peaceful feeling.
Strangely it is.
Looking out of a window on a cold frigid night,
With warm tears streaming down your cheeks
through trembling eyes,
focusing on one lonely light in the distance
on the palette of the sky.

It is a sense of loneliness,
with a realization that you have yourself
which is so peaceful.
Loneliness is more tragic when it comes as a shock
Or when it is a habit formed
Through which it is repeatedly born.
But once in a while
Crying through some dark times is, strangely,
Very peaceful.

I look at that one odd light
Not giving up and fighting the cold night.
There is an imagery of my childhood
that it draws in front of my eyes.
It is very personal , it is very ripe
So I pluck it and in my lap I find,
thousand sighs,
and I drop in them
one more blatant sigh!

There is no one to hear it,
Just my weary eyes.
I wipe my eyes
And the wet rubble in my lap gets wiped.

So I decide,
I cry.

Like a tear, I drop into the night.

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