Saturday, May 19, 2012

World of words

There are colors in my eyes,
and as I blink
I try to contain the dreams that those colors bring.

I have smiled a lot,
looking over my shoulder
basking in the sun
with pearls of sunshine on my lashes bright.

I have never seen a care
that wrinkled my forehead
or bore a sigh...
just colors in my eyes,
and as I blink,
my dreams smile.

There is sadness,
 like any other weather;
when I collapse in the arms of the heavenly sky
I nestle there for a while.
As I lay in dark silences
there are days and night passing me by;
I return to the spring of the earth
only to find,
that there are colors in my eyes
and as I blink
dreams chase away my sighs.

I have lived in the world of words
of musical rhymes
of surreal story lines,
on sleepy afternoons
on dreamy nights
I have spun a story of mine,
I live, protected in my punctuations
I live as I write,
with emotions
 with pride.


Deepika Jain said...

Wao..nothing else can be better than this...

Wings that have Eyes said...

Thank you very much Deepika :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely beautiful words:)

Wings that have Eyes said...

Thank you so much :)

jagratis said...

very nice !!!