Thursday, June 16, 2011


The warmth of the familiar day,

or the mysterious new moon night.

The chirpy birds on every branch,

or on my skin the first touch of the moon light.

I have embraced nothing,

but the love I had for you all this while.

Empty as it may be,

memories crawl in with every sigh.

The silence of the night speaks to me,

in a language I cannot understand,

I hope its just singing a song

on its own and not signaling me to some new bend.

I want to leave you behind,

see the new shores,

see who is me,

see if I can hold on to this smile,

Would you call it love if I crawled back inside

or if I grow wings to soar up high.

Would you call it love if I walk with my heartbeats

or with the reasonable whips of mind.

Am I really lost,

or just scared,

Do I have the answers

or have not asked the questions yet,

A new flower in the garden,

loses a petal with the wind ...

I wish I had no control,

I wish i could control the time.

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