Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am burning like a lamp

in the longing of ur footsteps

to stop at my door.

I am here not there,

I am in the music,

my mind makes, while it searches for your fragrance

on the sheets of the night,

What are tears, or a smile,

my face only knows wait,

i dunno how that looks,

but you will recognize me

there is yearning in my gaze.

I look calm, I am pale,

I am featherless,

though not fettered, i just sit their and wait,

Even when I am not there,

I am in the music,

my mind creates, while it searches for the threads

of our fate.

When you come, walk slowly,

and pass by me,

When you come, don't touch

or disturb my gaze,

the stillness I will lose,

this color on my face will fade,

I am myself,

waiting for you...

just don't take it away.

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