Thursday, June 23, 2011

My journey

True it may have taken ages to cross the mountains

but I still see them every morning from

the window that had long caged me.

I would have walked across the fields

to quench my thirst but

my vision took me farther than I could see.

I have come a full circle,

like the phases of moon,

I glowed in the darkness,

full, radiant and in search of those


I was shinning on your roof top,

under which you sedately sleep,

While i toiled on foot to the 'other' lands,

only this time u had left a bowl of water

to catch my reflection,

but I escaped before you arise,

I shy away from the morning light..

But, it has been so long,

I am back, sitting inside,

looking outside the same infamous window..

and you care less, why your roof top

is devoid of the milky moonlight.

and here on the branch of the tree

it lurks for me..

Ill wash my face with stardust and sleep.

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