Friday, June 17, 2011

I play

I play with the shadows on my wall,

I play to deal with the stories of the day,

I play to leave behind what growing up I have done,

I play to keep the devil at bay,

I play with the imprints my closed fists

created on my hand,

I play to carve a face,

I play to ask the questions I keep finding answers to,

I play to erase all, any trace.

I play with the stories entangled in my hair,

I play to comb down the fears,

I play for in them I don't miss the night,

I play to tie down the pain.

I play,

with my life,

with my fate,

with the marks on my face.

I love,

with my breaths,

with my desire

every game you want me to play.

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