Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For you

Maybe its as simple as a flower

blossoming in the spring

to get me right,

Maybe I am just a one brush stroke

away from the complete portrait

on your canvas.

Maybe I am as easy to get

as a bashful smile

on the wedding night.

Maybe I am as transparent as

a naked bird, flightless,

on a barren land...

why then, I stand watching you go blank

I think sometimes to myself,

i ll blossom with different petals,

rearrange some lines on your canvas,

turn away with your first touch..

or just fly!

but I am me ...

and maybe, just maybe

I ll stay this way.. so you won't miss me.

I am dipping myself,

while you sleep in the lap of misty night,

in the colors of the morning sky...

Ill paint a different morning on your window pane...

warm orange and bright,

Just come out to the light,

you might see me clearly,

in a flower, color or an emotion..

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