Friday, June 24, 2011

My folded notes

My eyes have seeked for the expresions that

your lips will never dare to convey,

i have raised my gaze,

to meet yours

to find a confused haze.

Have you lately checked your pockets,

for the folded notes I have slipped in,

The stolen moments I have folded carefully,

the night of rain i captured in the vesels of my eyes,

and some verses I wrote on few loveless nights.

Look closely in my eyes

as I lay on the satin sheets of your night.

There are shadows of all the stories

you wanted to live in,

of love, joy, tears nd glory .

There are moments but

that I have dreamt to live in your eyes

but everytime I have raised my gaze,

I have found nothing bt a confused haze.

I am sure this fog will clear once,

in your pockets for my folded notes

you will graze,

I am sure this time we meet

you will have new expression, new gaze

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